Types of Balloon That You Need for Your Event

Balloons were invented in the 19th century. Since then, they have become essential when celebrating any birthday party or event. If you don’t have a balloon at your party or any event, it seems taboo to not include balloons. Balloons are eye-catching to most children and can distract them from their parents. Most adults also enjoy popping Balloons’, so it’s best to have them at a party or any event.

Balloons come in all different types, shapes and sizes. It’s always good to know what different types of balloons are available in the market.  These days you can even print your logo or a specific message on a balloon. We here at partylicious will help you decide which sort of Balloon you need to have an eye-catching party. You can order Balloons online through our website. We offer every kind of Balloon, available in the market. We also take orders for custom balloons online. Before buying, make sure to know the variety of Balloons that the market has to offer. This article will help you out in selecting the best type of Balloon you need for your event.

Types of Balloons

There are three different types of Balloons available in the market, and those are:

  • Latex balloons
  • Foil balloons
  • Bubble balloons

Latex Balloons:

The most common type of balloon available in the market is the latex balloon. Most major birthday parties or events include this type of balloon. When these balloons are inflated, they turn into an oval shape. They are made out of recyclable latex and are the easiest when you want to customize them. You can have your logo, text, or artwork design easily printed on them.  The most popular size for these balloons is twelve inches. These balloon filled with normal air last around at least twenty four hours and balloon filled with helium air last around six to eight hours depending on the room temperature or various other factors that make their lifespan short. Helium is another factor that contributes to its short lifespan. The more helium, the better the floating factor. Also, keep in mind, helium depends on the size of the Balloon. These balloons are also flexible because they don’t require helium and can be inflated through a person’s breath. This saves the extra cost of buying helium tanks. These balloons can also be filled using air inflators, a foot pump, or a hand inflator.

You can attach a balloon stick to a normal balloon. Balloon stick is usually either sixteen inches or twenty-four inches, depending on the size. To attach a balloon on a balloon stick, do the following steps:

  1. Inflate your Balloon
  2. Tie a knot and stretch it as much as you can
  3. The stick has two holes in it and two slits. You would’ve noticed that these slits and holes are opposite to each other. Slit the Balloon in the cup part of the balloon stick and pull the Balloon’s neck through the holes. Attach the Balloon knot on the stick by first twirling around the slit on the opposite side and stretching the neck of the Balloon through the center of the slit. Finally, pull the remaining neck of the Balloon through the hole you haven’t used. If some part of Balloon is left, stretch the Balloon outside the slit for a neat finish.

Balloon stick is not required for latex balloon filled with helium air. You can tie ribbon on the latex balloon filled with helium air. To tie a balloon with ribbon, do the following steps:

  1. Inflate your Balloon
  2. In your left hand, lay ribbon across your palm, allowing enough ribbon for a tail to extend from your fingertips.
  3. Place the neck of an inflated balloon across the ribbon (neck pointing up) and hold both securely with your left thumb.
  4. With your right hand, stretch the neck around the index and middle fingers of your left hand, and then back around to the front.
  5. Use your thumb and forefinger to tuck in the neck, making sure to grab the ribbon while making the knot. Remove fingers from the knot. Curl ribbon tail.

That’s all the information you need for the latex Balloon; now, let’s move on to the next type of balloon, the foil balloon.

You can even order balloons online attached with a balloon stick.

Foil Balloon

These balloons are a bit tad expensive than latex balloons. These balloons are of higher quality and have a metallic look and feel. They have a longer float timespan and grab more attention than a cute, colorful, and bright latex balloon.

Foil balloons cannot attach to a balloon stick. Another major disadvantage of these balloons is that most customers buy the low-quality foil balloons available in the market. When ordering balloons online, make sure to buy the self-sealing valves as foil balloons tend to get pins and holes in them after some lifespan. But the self-sealing valves overcome these problems, and the holes are self-healing.

When ordering balloons online from Partylicious, make sure to check the variety of foil balloons we have to offer. Our foil balloons come in 4 different shapes, and these are heart, star, round, and orbz. The first three are eighteen inches, and the orbz Balloon is around sixteen inches. We also provide them with many colors, so find the best looking one for your party or event.

The last type of Balloon is the bubble balloon.

Bubble Balloon

Bubble Balloons are very different to latex and foil balloons. They are made from a clear stretchy plastic (PVC) and once inflated are perfectly clear. Bubbles are the ‘go to’ balloon for large elegant events and weddings due to their magical transparency, they look particularly glorious with a tassel or garland attached to them. Our bubble balloon is available in three sizes which are 12, 18 and 24 inches. Our bubble balloon can stuff with mini balloons or filled with confetti. On the outside of the bubble balloon you can add your own message, with a choice of fonts and design.

We hope that you now know the differences between the three types of Balloon available in the market. If you want to summarize it, then latex balloons are the regular balloons you find in most parties and are customizable. Foil balloons have a metallic look and are customizable, and always buy the self-sealing valve foil balloons. Lastly, the bubble balloon can stuff with mini balloons or confetti with customized wording on the balloon.

Before you order balloons online, make sure to look at our catalog on Partylicious. We sell the best types of balloons in the market. We offer all types of balloons, and you can find the best type of latex and the highest quality of foil balloons in the market. We also offer to customize your balloons according to your requirements.

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