How To Make A Surprise Gift Box?

We all have been there, looking for a gift to surprise our loved ones. But whenever we look for something, we never find anything special in the market. So why not create a gift ourselves? With some balloons and a box, you can surely create something amazing, right? Well here, comes the specialty a surprise gift box for your loved one! This blog will go over how to make your own surprise gift box for your loved one.

It’s fairly simple and doesn’t require tons of effort. You need a cardboard box and some balloons. Usually, helium balloons make it look much better than latex balloons. As helium balloons have a sharp metallic look and due to them having a self-sealing foil, they are the better option!

Here is a list of ideas you can implement to help you create your own surprise gift box.

What you will need:

  • A cardboard box equivalent to your gift
  • Some balloons
  • Helium Balloonwill make this surprise gift look even better
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Star or Heart Shaped stickers
  • Ribbon

To start creating your surprise gift box, you first need a cardboard box equivalent to the size of the gift you are giving to your loved one. Usually, a big box is given filled with balloons, and the gift inside the gift box are chocolates, a wristwatch, headphones, fun slimy toys, car toys, and some goody bags.

Once you have decided on what surprises you are going to include in your gift box, it is time to build it!

  • Fill the box with the gifts you have selected. Pro tip: A box usually with large dimensions 24x24x24 is suitable.
  • inflate some balloons, either helium or latex
  • To make sure your balloons don’t fly away, apply some weight on the end of your balloons. To do this, simply tie a traditional knot on a heavy gift inside your gift box. This will make sure that your balloons don’t fly away.
  • Please measure the length of your balloon string, so they pop out of the box in the right amount. Use scissors to cut the end of the balloon. PRO TIP: use a fishing knot, so the balloons are extra durable.
  • Apply colorful heart and stars outside of your box to make it look beautiful from outside
  • After this, put the balloons inside the box and tie the box with the ribbons.
  • Finally! You are done, and your box looks beautiful.

Now give this box to your loved one, and it will surely make your loved one happy. Follow this guide step by step, and you will surely make your loved one’s day. However, if you don’t have the time to make your surprise gift box, you can always visit our website.


Helium balloons are better and have a metallic quality. They have a self-healing foil which makes them a lot better than latex balloons. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. These balloons are also very trendy and make your party look even better! However, latex balloons don’t last long, and in a surprise gift box, they dont look that much better! Also, latex balloons last five to six hours; however, helium balloons last longer.


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