Balloon Information

How to make the balloons float longer?


– We will apply Hi-float treatment for your latex balloon which can lasted up to 18 – 24 hours. Additional charges applied.

*Note that Hi-float gel is unavailable for foil and bubble balloons.

– Upgrade your bubble balloon which can last up to 7 – 10 days .Additional charges applied.

What is Hi-float?

– Hi-float balloon treatment is a solution of a plastic material dissolved in water. It forms a coating inside latex balloons that greatly reduces helium or air loss. It is nontoxic, non-irritating, noncorrosive, non-flammable and biodegradable. It increases the floating life of latex balloons by 5 times, on average, if stored in the right condition/ temperature. To achieve these float times balloons must be kept indoors, in a climate controlled location, with air-conditioner running between 22-26c. Hi-float is only usable on latex balloons. 


– Yes, the balloon colour and wording can be change. You can choose and state the wording at the product form.

Why do my balloons burst?

– Sometimes, for no apparent reason, balloons burst. Bursting may be caused by many factors such as static electricity brought about by changing weather conditions, or may occur under extreme heat, rapid weather changes, or caught by something sharp. While we use the highest quality balloons and take every precaution necessary with your balloons to ensure they last through your event, once the balloons leave our door or we have left the venue, they are out of our control. We cannot guarantee that every balloon will remain intact for the duration of the event. We use the very best biodegradable latex and take every precaution to minimise the risk of breakage however, due to general nature of balloons your decor may still be subject to popping, “frosting” or fogging/oxidation of the colours, and/or slight movement.

How do you determine the font on my balloons?

– We will be designing your custom text based on the total length of characters and the font type may vary.

– If you have a specific font request, feel free to reach us at Here.

How long will the helium balloon lasts?

– 12″ Latex Balloon without hi float : 6 – 8 hours from time of preparations

– 12″ Latex Balloon with hi float : 18 – 24 hours from time of preparations

– 12″ Heart/Confetti Latex Balloon without hi float : 6 – 8 hours from time of preparations

– 12″ Heart/Confetti Latex Balloon with hi float : 12 – 16 hours from time of preparations 

– Foil Balloons : At least one day

– Bubble Balloons : At least 12 hours and slowly shrink.

– Upgraded Bubble Balloons : At least 7 – 10 days and slowly shrink.

Why do my balloons oxidate?

Latex balloons can become covered with a velvet finish when atmospheric conditions change, such as in high humidity, in high ozone or when exposed to sunlight. The velvet finish is the result of oxidation, the first step in the bio-degradation (or natural breakdown) of the natural latex.

Are the balloons sold inflated with helium?

– All balloons offered on our website are delivered readily inflated with helium unless otherwise stated. Please check on each product page and title for more info.

Order Information

Do you have a cut-off time for taking orders?

– Yes, our cut-off time for same day delivery is 4.00pm. Therefore, if you place order after 4.00pm today, you will only be able to select tomorrow’s date as the earliest delivery date.

Do you accept last minute orders?

– Yes, but it depends on the schedule and order of the day. It is advisable that you may contact us by WhatsApp for the availability to deliver on the same day if you would like to place the order after 4.00pm.

Can I change my order details?

– For any changes on delivery address or wordings, you may WhatsApp us directly. Changes to order details can only be made up until one (1) working day before the delivery date.

Can I cancel my order?

– You may cancel your order by 10.00am one (1) day before your intended delivery date. A processing fee of RM5 or 5% of the amount paid (whichever is higher) will be imposed on your full refund. Please note that it will take up to 7 working days for the refund process to be completed.

How do I Know my order has been placed sucessfully?

– Once your payment has been successfully made, you will receive an order confirmation email from us. Remember to check your Junk/Spam mail box if it is not in your inbox. Our team will contact you within 3 hours once order is confirmed.

Delivery Information

Where do you deliver?

– We provide delivery to Selangor & Kuala Lumpur. Check out our delivery zones for more info.

– Alternatively, you can contact us via email at partylicious2u@gmail.com or message us on Facebook or Instagram.


– Yes, we do provide delivery everyday. 

– However, if you are unable to select the delivery date during checkout, which mean we are fully booked or close on that day. 

Do you provide Same Day Delivery?

– Yes, we do provide Same Day Delivery within our coverage area order placed before 4:00pm.


How to entitled for free delivery?

– For any orders more than RM350 will be entitled free delivery for Zone A, B and C only.

*Note that event decorations does not entitled for free delivery.

Event Decorations Information

Which area do you provide this service?

– We only provide event decoration services at Kuala Lumpur & Selangor area within our coverage area.

Check out our delivery zones for more info.

– Alternatively, you can contact us via email at partylicious2u@gmail.com or message us on Facebook or Instagram.

Will you collect security deposit?

– Yes, we will collect varies amount of security deposit based on the props used for set up.

Why do you collect security deposit?

– As a safeguard for us and also to ensure our props were handle with care. We would not like to make our customer unhappy and had unpleasant experience with us.

Timelead for Personalized Event Decoration?

– We will need at least 3 days in advance, any urgent enquiries please kindly WhatsApp us.

Payment Information

Which payment methods do you accept?

– We accept all major credit cards (Visa & Mastercard) ,online bank transfer (FPX), E-wallets, debit card as payment options during checkout.

Are payments on your site secure?

– We work with Senangpay to make shopping online safe. Senangpay holds all credit card information securely as we are registered with Bank Negara Malaysia and are compliant with PCI DSS. No credit card information is held by us or accessible to us.

What’s your refund policy?

Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds once payment is received. Customers are advised to read all the information provided before placing an order. However, you can have the paid amount as a store credit for your future order. There will be no expiry date for that and it’s allowed to have different items should you change your mind.